Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Art with Robe Rush


GAINESVILLE, Fla., April 5 [1996] (Associated Press)

A college senior who dipped 40 live baby mice into resin, then cut the material into cubes for an art project, was charged with animal cruelty today.

The student, Vincent Gothard, a 25-year-old fine arts major at the University of Florida, faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted.

Mr. Gothard's lawyer, Robe Rush, defended the art project, saying the mice died instantly and were destined to become food for other animals anyway. He also maintained that the project was " clearly artistic expression and probably protected by the First Amendment."

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

russell edson - how things are turning out


                How Things Are Turning Out (for Michael Cuddihy)

   A man registers some pigeons at a hotel. They fly up to their rooms. 

He's not sure that his mind doesn't fly with them . . .  

   He asks the desk clerk if everything seems all right. He would like to 

know if the smoke coming out of his cigarette is real, or something the 

management has had painted on the wall? 

   The desk clerk has turned his back and is sorting the mail. 

   Sir . . . , says the man. 

   But the desk clerk continues to arrange the mail. 

   Sir, would you look this way for a moment? 

   I can hear you, I'm just sorting the mail. 

   I wanted you to notice the smoke of my cigarette . . . Since the 

pigeons flew up to their rooms . . . You never know about the future, I 

mean how things will finally turn out . . . Please, could you check my 

smoke . . . ? 

   When the desk clerk turns his face is covered with hair, like the back 

of his head; and the front of his body is like the back of his body. 

   Where is your front? 

   My twin brother has the fronts; I was born with two backs . . . I 

always got the spankings . . .  But why regret the past? 

That's good philosophy . . . 

My best subject .  

 . . . Tell me, is everything turning out all right? 

So far so good . . .

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

anatomy of a popsicle

dickinson had fascicles 

But never popsicles

Frank Epperson's popsicle patent (orig. invented in 1905)

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

nts mix


   made a myx

   nts confusing mix 21st-july-2023 w/ hans wagner

    The Howling Hex – Centerville Springs

    Brian Eno – The Lion Sleeps Tonight 

    Buddy Charleton & The Texas Troubadours – Cool It (Live 1965)

    Slayer – Untitled excerpt (The Jeff Hanneman Demos)

    Snakefinger – The Model (live)

    Fruity Francois & The Fortified Five – Iddy Biddy Diddy

    Blues Control – Snow Day

    Bob Kaufman – Suicide 

    Curly Chalker – Watch What Happens (Excerpt)

    Thrones – Easter Woman (Residents Cover)

    Slapp Happy – Half Way There

    Naoki Kodaka - Journey To Silius Title Theme

    B52s – Dance This Mess Around

    Snakefinger – Sophia’s Playful Pipes

    General Baby – Little Caesar’s Palace

    The Blue Rondos/Joe Meek – Little Baby

    The Howling Hex – Sundays Are Ruined Again

    Peggy Sue (Loretta Lynn’s Sister) – Apron Strings (Live 1970)

    Ennio Morricone – Barbara E Tagliente (Il Grande Silenzio OST)

    King Tubby – Untitled Dub (from Mista Savona Mix)

    Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West – 78 RPM Acetate Demo

    Chalino Sanchez – Raymundo Chaidez

    Buddy Emmons – Blue Jade

    8-Bit Arcade – No More Mr. Nice Guy (8-bit Remix)

    Henry Cow – No More Songs

Thursday, May 18, 2023

takahashi poem


 When an ox, sleet covered my horns

 And, like a bird on a TV antenna,

 A rock lodged on the tip of my tongue.

 Wind swirls the globe, and there's

 A Catholic Sister who, in her white wimple,

 Resembles an ox's hoof (the universe

 Wavers in the nest of the ox's nose).

 When a deer, a maple grew from my leg?—

 Now whether something's there or not,

 What difference? A thing lies neither

 Sidelong nor lengthwise, after all,

 And this woman breathes life into the universe:

 In one breath an ox became a deer.